Posted by: harbisonb | January 27, 2015


Well, we have been home for six nights now. Everything has been going well! Dannie Rae had a hard time for the first few nights, mostly because her body clock thinks it’s morning when we are trying to put her to bed! The past few nights have been much better! She starts the night asleep in her crib and then wakes up and wants to snuggle with baba and momma or nana as she calls me most of the time! Of course we have no problem snuggling right up to her!

She is something else! She draws a crowd wherever she goes. She is very outgoing and loves to wave at people and shake their hands! We are continually amazed by her personality! I truly believe that she was born on the other side of the world entirely meant for our family! She is a Harbison through and through!

Today we ventured out to the doctor. He gave Dannie Rae a little check up and he will make some referrals for us to a pediatric ortho doctor and a pediatric eye specialist. Dannie Rae has drooping eyelids that will at some point require a simple surgery. She also seems to be missing the middle knuckles in her fingers. You would never know this by looking at her. She has no problem grabbing things or playing with toys! It’s interesting that several months ago before we even knew who Dannie Rae was, I had a dream that something was wrong with her hands. I guess the Lord was preparing me for that. Her hands are one of the things we love most about her! They are gentle and soft. Well, when she isn’t hitting you in the face with them! 🙂

We still can’t believe she is here! All the preparation, fundraising, saving, praying, crying, praying, crying, and just simply believing the Abba Father to do what He said He would do! Simple, so simple to just believe Him! Why do we make it so hard?

It’s like with Dannie Rae. We are simply trying to love her and asking her to completely trust us to meet her needs and care for her. We want her to understand that we want her to have the very best and that the decisions we make are in her best interest! We are simply asking her to love us in return. Much like how Jesus simply asks us….trust me. I am here, I will be here. I want the best for you, I have the best for you. Just trust me, love me, seek me! We make it so difficult but the truth is it is so simple. His way is the way! Trust Him!

We hope from watching this love story unfold that some of you have felt a tug at your heart to do something about the orphan crisis we see around the world! Maybe He is whispering to your heart like He did to mine about giving an orphan a name and a forever home. Maybe He is just asking you to serve the orphan. Make their lives better, easier! Are these things you could do in your own strength and your own power? No. But when you simply say YES to the Father, He takes care of all the details!

What is He asking of you? Are you ready to dive in a little deeper? Try it….you may be surprised!

We love y’all! Thank you for your continued support and prayers! Please keep them coming!

Brandi, Micah and Dannie Rae





  1. Outstanding. Thanks for the update!

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