Posted by: harbisonb | January 12, 2017

On this day….

On this day, our sweet girl has been a daughter longer than she was an orphan!  Today is our 2 year Gotcha Day!!  My heart is overwhelmed.  I literally laid in the fetal position and cried yesterday.  I can’t believe 2 years have flown by!

On this day 2 years ago a little girl in China became a daughter.  She got a new name, new clothes, a new address and two parents who had no clue what they were doing.  She became a  part of a big family who loves her more than she could ever know.  The last two years have been full of great big belly laughs, learning, playing, tea parties, barbies, Disney trips, and all sorts of other fun things. Mostly love, love is what has filled the last two years up.  Dannie Rae tells us no less than 15 times a day that she loves us.  She is our constant reminder of the Father’s love.

The love is what amazes me the most.  It wasn’t instant.  Dannie Rae spent our first several days and nights in tears.  She would walk over to her dirty, stinky pile of old clothes on the floor and beg to put them on and leave.  Now she wants nothing more than to be with us. I wish I could just follow her around with a constant video live feed!  It would be a hit reality show for sure!

When Gotcha Day rolls around I can’t help but think of Dannie Rae’s Biological mother.  I wonder who she is and if Dannie Rae has her eyes.  I wonder if she watched from the near by restaurant as Dannie Rae was picked up off of the sidewalk and carried in to the orphanage for the first time.  I choose to think that she was making a brave decision for her daughter.  I choose to believe that she loved Dannie Rae enough to leave her.  I wish she could see her now.  See how healthy and happy she is.

On this day I think about the faithfulness of the Good, Good Father.  I think about His plan and His provision.  I think about how when we give Him our desires and plans, He writes the most amazing story.  He takes ashes and makes beauty.  He takes the pain and turns it to love.  He makes the lonely full of life.  He takes the barren and makes them broken. I am so thankful that he took my barrenness and made me broken.  Broken for the millions of children near and far who need to have Gotcha Days!

So, it is on this day that I ask you to pray.  Pray for our family as we seek the Lord for the next chapter in our adoption story.

We love you all and thank you for taking this journey to the deep with us.  Your prayers and encouragement have sustained us many times.

Dannie Rae, it has been my life’s greatest joy to be chosen to be your mama!  Happy Gotcha Day baby girl!  “I love you forever, I like you for always.  As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be!”


Our first Family photo!


Fall 2016



  1. Again Daughter in Love, you have the f gift of writing. You have shared beautifully the story of OUR DANNIE RAE!!! Thank you!!!! You need to put all of your writings together in A book!!!! Love you so much and proud of you!!!! We’re so thankful to God for his bringing you and Micah together and giving you and us Dannie Rae!!! We Praise you Lord and Thank You forever!!!

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